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My web-philosophy

My web-philosophy is to keep websites simple and straightforward, and each page accessible and easy to download. Information and information exchange should be as free and open as possible exness, and that means making it easy for people with limited resources to gain access. If at all possible, file sizes are kept at a minimum; so there are no fancy graphics. Wherever possible, pages are written 'by hand' in XHTML 1.0 to make sure there is unnecessary code and markup clutter. Software-generated pages, especially the bibliographies, are the exception.

After some experimenting with unicode fonts, I have reverted to using Jimmy Adair's excellent true-type fonts "SPIonic" (Greek) and "SPTiberias" (Hebrew), which are free for non-commercial use. If you do not have them on your system, you will probably see a slighly strange system of Latin characters rather than Greek or Hebrew. You can easily download these fonts at the SBL website ( or at the site of the journal TC ( They are available for both Windows and Mac/Apple platforms. While they do not always display beautifully, they are otherwise reliable and, as I said, freely available across major platforms.

For accessibility reasons, I do not use frames (much as I love them!). This site has been tested on Internet Explorer 6, Netscape 7, Opera 7 and Mozilla 1.6 (all on Win XP). Unfortunately, I do not have the facilities to check whether it works well on Mac, Linux, or other non-Windows platforms exness trading. Sorry!


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My web-philosophy